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01/01/14: Environmental Health Safety Freeware

12/30/14: Start the new year with a new bulb, Singing River Electric Power Association

12/20/13: Mobile Apps That Make an Eco-Difference,  The App Times

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12/19/12: Five Apps That Could Help You Save On Your Energy Costs , coolestgizmo.com

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07/03/12: Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can have a "green" thumb--and index finger, The Clay Times Journal

06/29/12: Mobile Milestones: Apps, Devices Infused Into EPA's Daily Operations, AOL Government

06/28/12: City Helps Residents Save Energy with Innovative Smartphone App, City of Hesperia

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04/19/12: Top 10 Smartphone Apps to Help You Be Green, Verizon Wireless

04/19/12: Sprint Gives Customers Incentives to Go Green on Earth Day, Sprint

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04/18/12: Save Energy with These Apps and Gadgets, MIT Technology Review

04/18/12: Light Bulb Finder App Calculates What You'll Save By Swapping Out Your Bulbs, ecogeek.org

04/17/12: 5 Fab Earth Day Apps at Your Fingertips, MTV

04/13/12: iPads and Tablets for Energy Management and Facility Management, Buildings

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04/03/11: Light Bulb App Adds More ENERGY STAR Qualified bulbs!: Finding the Right Light Bulb Just Got Easier!, ENERGY STAR Lighting Newsletter, Page 6

04/10/12: Light Bulb Finder app updated in time for Earth Day, Energy Services

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03/29/12: Best Eco App: The Light Bulb Finder, Kindermusic Green

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12/26/11: Primer on old-fashioned light bulb's phaseout, The Seattle Times

12/22/11: Video: Delta Institute Green Opportunities App Award Winner: Light Bulb Finder, Delta Institute

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11/28/11: Light Bulb App Wins EPA Contest, Residential Lighting Magazine

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11/14/11: App Wrap: Light Bulb Finder, Earth Friend, NY1

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11/11/11: EPA Announced the Best Five Apps for the Environment, Softpedia

11/08/11: Light Bulb Finder App Review , The Washington Post

11/08/11: The Best Apps for the Environment: Bringing EPA Data to the Masses , the Atlantic

11/08/11: Light Bulb Finder mobile app wins EPA contest , Federal Computer Week

11/08/11: Videos: 5 innovative green mobile apps , SmartPlanet

11/08/11: EPA Showcases new environmental apps , Nextgov

11/04/11: Light Bulb Finder wins EPA's greenest apps contest, Consumer Reports

11/04/11: EPA Names Light Bulb Finder as Best Overall App, Press Release

11/02/11: App aims to help residents find the most energy-efficient light bulbs, WQOW 18, ABC

10/24/11: Milwaukee Man Develops Light Bulb Finder App, WISN 12 ABC

10/18/11: Voting Begins for the Next Apps to Power Your Future, AT&T

10/08/11: Want to ease your environmental impact? There's an app for that, Herald Times Online

10/06/11: Green Madison Goes Mobile to Help Residents Cut Energy Waste

10/03/11: Mass Save Goes Mobile to Help Customers Save Time and Money

09/22/11: WMECO unveils new smartphone app , 22 News Massachusetts WWLP.com 

09/22/11: Mass Save (R) Goes Mobile to Help Customers Save Time and Money , Mass Save Press Release

09/03/11: Watts dim as new standards flick switch on lumens, kelvins, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

07/27/11: Calculate Light Bulb Energy Savings with Free Phone App, DoYourPart 

07/25/11: Free App Calculates Eco-Lighting Savings, Reuters

07/03/11: Green light go! The light bulb-finding app, VolumeOne

06/17/11: How Smartphones Make Energy Efficiency Easier and More Fun, Reuters

06/17/11: Light Bulb Transition Answers, NBC Philadelphia

06/01/11: Light Bulb Finder App Saves Energy and Money, Lower Electric Bill Today

05/12/11: Mobile apps make it easier to go green, USA Today

04/29/11: Apps to make life easier , Winston-Salem Journal

04/25/11: Interview: Light Bulb Finder app , Fox6 News Milwaukee

04/22/11: Earth Day puts local lighting app in spotlight , Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

03/17/11: Use Less Stuff: Environmentally Friendly Items, Fox 2 News Detroit

03/3/11: APP:'Light Bulb Finder' , Cincinnati Enquirer

01/31/11: Green Building: Four ways your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device can combat energy waste in your home

01/03/11: New Smartphone App Helps Reduce Carbon Footprint , Green Technology World

12/28/10: Confused about energy-efficient light bulbs? There's an app for that, proudgreenhome.com

12/20/10: New iPhone App Combats Energy Waste, Press Release

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10/18/10: Seeing Opportunity in a Different Light  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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1/15/10: Top 10 Green Widgets, Applications and Websites

2009: Demo of Eco Starter Kit on CBS - Santa Barbara (Firefox recommended)

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Sustainability at Mason, George Mason University