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Eco Hatchery is a sustainability and technology company specializing in residential energy efficiency. Our programs are designed to educate, motivate and empower participants to make informed choices and take action. We combine behavioral approaches with robust web-based software for tracking progress, measuring results, and providing feedback.


Mobile App Development: Mobile apps are a natural fit for energy efficiency and sustainability. They give users instant access to key information at critical times of decision making. We have a talented, deadline-driven team of developers, designers, systems and database professionals ready to help you with your iOS, Android and web-based app projects, from soup to nuts. We know your industry. We know apps. Please contact us for a quote.

Smartphone Marketing Campaigns: Eco Hatchery's flagship mobile app, Light Bulb Finder, enables users to switch easily from incandescent to energy-efficient light bulbs, i.e.: CFLs and LEDs for basic and specialty needs. In collaboration with utilities, municipalities and retailers, we run customized, location-based marketing campaigns directly on the app to increase consumer awareness of local energy efficiency initiatives, such as CFL discounts, ENERGY STAR rebate programs, and whole house energy audits. Campaign impact is tracked down to the zip code level to optimize effectiveness. We provide ongoing marketing and technical support and are happy to work with your implementation partners. The app is available as a free download on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android mobile devices.  Take a tour .

Carbon Calculator: The web-based Carbon Calculator measures the carbon footprint of individual households and communities. Users enter basic information about their household energy consumption, travel, commute, and diet. For each input, users can see the direct impact of their actions.  The web-based calculator may be branded and embedded into websites. View sample .

Eco Kits with Personal Energy Roadmaps: We offer three types of energy and water conservation kits with high-impact tools and easy, illustrated instructions. Users can track their activities online as they complete kit activities and create online energy roadmaps with recommendations specific to their household. Workshop presentation materials are provided to support course curricula. Please contact us for bulk pricing and branding solutions.

Eco Communities: Individuals may join or create Eco Communities to work with others toward a collective goal and to see how their carbon footprint compares to the average within their own, relevant community. Eco Kits may be used to jump start energy savings. Register on our website to create or join an Eco Community (free). 

Sustainability Training and Workshops: We provide green team training and lunch-and-learn workshops to employers and community organizations. Workshops are designed to educate participants and engage them in sustainability and energy efficiency. Keeping a close eye on defining and achieving organizational sustainability goals, participants implement energy-saving activities, monitor group progress, share experiences and results.


PLEASE CONTACT US: 414-332-8347 (Wisconsin) or 310-474-0574 (California).


WE PROUDLY SERVE municipalities, utilities, businesses, and schools nationwide.



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